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Learn how to use the intermittent urinary catheterisation devices safely, and monitor the health of your bladder. Do you know what a neurogenic bladder is? Book your appointment now to check your urinary health!

How can we help you??

People with spinal cord injuries often suffer from urinary bladder malfunction: this condition is called neurogenic bladder and is one of the most common complications amongst patients with SCI. The FLM takes an active role in studies and research related with neuro-urology, in an attempt to improve the quality of life of people with SCI-associated conditions.

Check, control and manage your bladder emptying habits, and learn how to avoid uncomfortable or unhealthy situations.

The team at the Neuro-urology Unit will help you by:

  • Assessing the secondary effects a spinal cord injury has had on your bladder
  • Creating a therapeutic scheme that targets your type of urinary condition, taking into account your specific lifestyle and functional needs.
  • Coming up with a diagnosis and treatment of neurogenic bladder.
  • Running additional diagnostic tests during medical consultation.
  • Counselling about self-care and healthy bladder habits adapted to each urinary condition and individual.

Aimed at

People with SCI who suffer from urinary bladder malfunction.


This consultation is available, upon prior appointment, to people with SCI, regardless of whether they are affiliated to FLM or ASPAYM Madrid or not.

Our team has been working in the field of neuro-urology for more than 30 years, and thus all of its members have the necessary skills to meet your every need related to bladder conditions, treatments and management, as well as to all related support products.

Albert Borau

Doctor specialising in Urology
Neuro-urology Expert
Specialised in Electrostimulation and Neuromodulation of sacral anterior roots

You can rely on our medical team

  •   High level of specialisation and large experience in spinal cord injury
  •   Specialised treatments, the only ones of their kind in Spain, without waiting lists
  •   Multidisciplinary team specialising in all aspects of spinal cord injury: neuro-urology, sexuality and reproduction, specialised nursing, neurorehabilitation, neuropsychology
  •   International recognition from associations and medical congresses
  •   Continuing education and interaction to learn about new treatments and skills (ISCoS, SEP, ASELME and other national and/or international entities)
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