In the FLM we understand transparency as an essential exercise in order to build trust in society. We want our work to be known, how we do that work and who are we.

Legal aspects and Organization

The FLM carries out a number of good practices on transparency and good governance in order to comply its aims, ensure the effectiveness and efficiency in the actions it takes, optimize their resources and continue on the path of excellence in its management and in the activities it undertakes.


Annual Activity Reports

From its own experience, the FLM knows the needs that the peolple with spinal cord injury have after the medical discharge. They need an integral and specific rehabilitation in order to improve and preserve the physical conditions. They also need the necessary skills for access to labour market, to training and personal autonomous development, more or less independent, developing its capabilities to achieve a life with quality.

The FLM carries out its activity based on principles of equality and progress. You can check the development of the activities at the following links:

Annual Activity Report (Spanish)


Financial Information (Spanish)

  • Annual Statements & Balance
  • Auditor's Report
  • Action Plans
  • Management Retribution Plan
    • FLM counts with the help of a Managing Board composed of 2 directors: (Managing Director and Care Management Director). The gross funds allocated to the remuneration of the Managing Board amounts to 120.500,00 €.