Rehabilitation Centre

We have all the means to promote your autonomy and independence

We offer integral attention for people with Spinal Cord Injury.

We help you to improve and maintain your physical conditions, encouraging autonomy and independence and offering training to enter the workforce.

We have a Residential Centre designed and prepared specifically for people with spinal cord injury.

What advantages do we offer

  • Medical team and staff specialized in the treatment of spinal cord injury
  • Latest innovations and equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal cord injury
  • Accommodation and Residential Centre, adapted to your needs, 24 hours a day

We adapt to you

Further information about how we can help you, tell us your case.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatments

Trunk Balance and Postural Control

Progressive Verticalization Program

Gait Training

Contractures, Tendonitis and Overuse injuries

Spasticity control techniques

Strengthening and muscle maintenance exercises

Activities of daily living training

Analytical hand treatment

Manufacturing and counseling of splints and support products

Functional Activities

Advice and assessment in positioning systems

Home and workplaces adaption consultancy

We inform you of all treatment possibilities

Technology and Equipment

Rehabilitation with Ekso Bionics™ Exoskeleton

Verticalization and movement with Erigo™ Basic

Upper-limb treatment with Armeo™ Spring

Gait training system with partial weight suspension, Biodex ™

Dynavision D2 ™



Plataforma de medición de presiones, Boditrack™

Realidad Virtual

Reck Moto Viva™ for upper and lower limbs


Muscle strengthening

Pulley therapy


Functional Therapy Materials

Paraffin/cryotherapy baths

Materials to manufacture splints and support products tailored

Ultrasound machine


Our technology at your service

Request more information about how we can help you, tell us your case.


We have a Rehabilitation Centre and a Residential Centre with different areas and spaces to make your stay as comfortable and nice as possible.

If you want more information about our Residential Centre or rehabilitation Centre do not hesitate to contact us

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