Workshops are the soul of the Day centre: they are places where you can recreate yourself and discover new skills and abilities through our courses and activities. The four FLM workshops interact with each other to look for activities with a common goal: participation and integration. See you here!

Artistic Expression Workshop

We offer you the possibility to enjoy a space where you can express yourself freely or carry out the artistic project that you always dreamed of but you could not find the place or the time to do it. You will be able to experiment, innovate, produce, transform and create.

Audio-visual Workshop

We show you what the world of cinema looks like from the inside. You will learn to make your own films from the beginning: elaboration of the literary script, production planning, direction, photography direction, editing, sound, camera, assistant director and special effects.

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Radio Workshop

At the radio workshops, you will learn the art of playing with your voice and the words. A space where you can unleash your creativity and interests through the writing, the theatre, the literature, the editing and the technique.

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ICT Workshop

In the FLM ICT Workshop (Information and Communication Technologies), you will be able to start out in the world of computing, expand your knowledge and/or improve your skills. We adapt to all levels and have the accessibility tools necessary to make the equipment handling easier.