• Specialised consultation for people with SCI
  • Training in self-care and healthy habits for intermittent urinary catheterisation
  • Improve your urinary health: hygienic catheters, prevention of urinary infection

Albert Borau

Doctor specialising in Urology Neuro-urology Expert Specialised in Electrostimulation and Neuromodulation of sacral anterior roots
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Sexuality and Reproduction

  • Advice about different possibilities regarding fertility and sexuality
  • Improving the quality of intimate life
  • Male and female fertility analysis and treatments

Antonio Sánchez Ramos

Doctor specialising in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Expert in Sexuality and Assisted Reproductive Treatment
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Rehabilitation Doctor

  • Individualised treatment adapted to the specific needs of each user.
  • Follow-up and monitoring of the evolution.
  • Assessment of assistance, technical support and secondary injuries.
  • Self-care training.

Natacha Leon

Care Management Director Doctor specialising in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Neurorehabilitation Expert
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  • Support in the process of acceptance of the spinal cord injury.
  • Assistance to the family circle, friends and caregivers.
  • Fully confidential, individualised counselling and assistance.
  • Quality of life assessment and improvement

María José Arroyo

Psychologist specialising in Clinical Psychology Doctor in Clinical Psychology by the UCM University. EuroPsy Certified by EFPA
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