How does it work?

Treatment focused on gait training through a state-of-the-art technique-technology: the exoskeleton. This device facilitates gait training in automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode. Before and after the treatment, our Multidisciplinary Team shall conduct an assessment.


  • 1 hour of rehabilitation (either physiotherapy or occupational therapy.)
  • 1 hour session with the Exoskeleton, including set-up and disassembly of the device.
This treatment requires monitoring by a physiotherapist, so there will be a physiotherapist fully dedicated to the patient throughout the entire therapy.

Aimed at

Sufferers of complete or incomplete spinal cord injury (tetraplegia, paraplegia or hemiplegia), after assessment by our medical department, according to their physical characteristics, and after being determined the attainability of realistic, reachable goals.


Assessment by our Multidisciplinary Team is strictly required before starting this treatment. It is not suitable for everyone: there are height/weight limitations, etc.


  • Initial evaluation 220€
  • Weekly treatment from 600€
  • Daily sessions 110€
*(approximate price. Please request a personalised quote)

Benefits of the Exoskeleton treatment:

  • These are some of its benefits: it improves vascularisation, balance and the functioning of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, and it reduces spasticity.
  • Physical, psychological and social benefits.
  • It reduces conventional training times in gait training processes by optimising muscle work.
  • Individualised integrated treatment
  • Individualised monitoring through the entire treatment by a physiotherapist with specific training.

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