Comprehensive Care

We have all the means to promote your autonomy and independence

Domotic Residence

We have a Residential Centre designed and prepared specifically for people with spinal cord injury. Accommodation adapted to your needs, 24 hours a day.

Rehabilitation Doctor

You will have a group of professionals specialized in spinal cord injury with over 10 years of experience. You will receive personalized attention and a close monitoring of your treatment.


The main objective psychological rehabilitation is for the person with spinal cord injury to design a new project of life, achieving an acceptable quality of life to their current situation.


A highly qualified team is responsible for designing a personalized treatment, assisted by the latest technology and innovative therapies.

Occupational Therapy

You will have a personalized program of activities to improve your independence in activities of daily life. The team will advise you with product support and adaptations that best suit to your needs.

Social Work

We believe in people, in their capacity to deal with difficult situations. We work with the skills, strengths, and public and/or private resources for people with spinal cord injury to promote them greater autonomy.


Sport is of vital importance to enhance physical, psychological, personal and social development. It improves self-esteem and coping ability. You have a wide variety of methods adapted for you.


TIC, Radio, Audiovisual and Plastic Expression. Adapted spaces where you can reinvent yourself, and discover new skills and abilities to fully exploit your creativity and surprise at what you are able to do