Sexuality and Reproduction Unit

Fundación del Lesionado Medular wants to help you recover all areas of your private life; in order to do this, we provide you with the services of our Sexuality and Fertility Unit.

How can we help you?

For men with spinal cord injury:

  • Evaluation of sexual desire and its possible interaction with the medication you use.
  • Advice on the new model of sexual function (different confrontation ways) and description of various non-genital erogenous zones,
  • Evaluación de la capacidad eréctil tras la lesión medular en función del tipo y nivel de la lesión.
  • Evaluation of the erectile ability after the spinal cord injury according to the injury type and level.
  • Ejaculatory ability assessment and advice on the different methods to achieve ejaculation.
  • Advice on the fertility possibilities and the proper fertilization methods based on the type of spinal cord injury, the extraction method and the seminal characteristics.
  • Different treatments to regain erectile function, if it is your wish: oral medicine (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra…) or injected medication (Caverject).

For women with spinal cord injury:

  • Evaluation of sexual desire and its possible interaction with the medication you use.
  • Knowledge of non-genital erogenous zones.
  • Different contraceptive methods
  • Fertility possibilities and studies on medication that may not be good during pregnancy.
  • Advice on pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

Specialized techniques and treatments: methods of seminal collection for people with little or no sensitivity in the genital area; quantitative and qualitative analysis of the semen obtained, evaluation of the seminogram, implantation of intravaginal seminal deposits in women with spinal cord injury


Anyone with spinal cord injury


This consultation is available for people with spinal cord injury by making an appointment in advance, regardless their affiliation to FLM or ASPAYM Madrid.

With more than 40 years of experience in the treatment of spinal cord injury, the members of our team are the most suitable people to help you recover your private life and continue with your family life plan, if you wish so.

Antonio Sánchez Ramos

Doctor specialised in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Expert in Sexuality and Assisted Reproduction

You can rely on our medical team

  •   High level of specialisation and large experience in spinal cord injury
  •   Specialised treatments, the only ones of their kind in Spain, without waiting lists
  •   Multidisciplinary team specialising in all aspects of spinal cord injury: neuro-urology, sexuality and reproduction, specialised nursing, neurorehabilitation, neuropsychology
  •   International recognition from associations and medical congresses
  •   Continuing education and interaction to learn about new treatments and skills (ISCoS, SEP, ASELME and other national and/or international entities)
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