We offer a maintenance of specific and integral rehabilitation in order to improve and preserve the physical conditions of people with spinal cord injury.

We seek an autonomous and independent development. Therefore, we help our users to join the labour market,start training activities. Thus, we help in the building of a new life project.

¿Why did the FLM begin?

The FLM was born from the need of people with SCI after their discharge from the hospital. Its aim is to provide a maintenance service of specific and integral rehabilitation in order to improve and preserve the physical conditions of people with spinal cord injury. It also works with the necessary skills to guarantee equal access to employment, training and personal autonomous development, more or less independent, developing its capabilities to achieve a proper level of quality of life.

From the FLM, we intend to achieve the greatest posible level of independence of users and residents, even for those with greater limitations, accessing all facilities with more security and autonomy.

Our services evolve and grow, adapting to the demands and needs of the people. We are in constant renewal, investing in the latest technological advances and implementing new and innovative therapies. Thus, the FLM has developed a network of services that promote independence and social participation of people with spinal cord injury.

The objectives and services of the FLM are in line with the approaches proposed for the World Health Organization (WHO), where it refers to the need to “invest in specific programs and services for people with disabilities”.


General Objective

  • Give options through integral rehabilitation services for people with spinal cord injuries to be able to achieve full participation in society, thereby motivating a social change.


Specific Objectives

  • Provide physical rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury.
  • Improve functional status through occupational therapy activities.
  • Favor the state of mind of the person by performing individual, group, couple or family therapy.
  • Strengthening the possibilities of integration into the labour market.
  • Support, as much as possible, to overcome the difficult situations that causes this pathology.
  • Achieve, through the Residential Center, the creation of a project of life for those who can not manage in their previous environment.
  • Offer, through the Day Care and Residential Center, periods of familiar rest for primary caregivers of the people with spinal cord injury.
  • Develop capacities by mean of Plastic Expression, Radio and Audiovisual Workshops.
  • Incorporate learning and the use of new technologies in the IT Workshop
  • Promote leisure and free time.


From its own experience, the FLM knows the need of people with SCI to maintain integral and specific rehabilitation to improve and to conserve the physical conditions after being medical discharged. Besides, they need to prepare abilities to enter the working and the training world and to develop themselves in an autonomous way more or less dependent, which may improve their abilities so that they can achieve a full life with quality.

The Fundación del Lesionado Medular carries out its activities based on principles of equality and progress. You can check the development of the activities at the following links:

Annual Activity Report (Spanish)