We offer integral attention for people with Spinal Cord Injury.

We help you to improve and maintain your physical conditions, encouraging autonomy and independence and offering training to enter the workforce.

What advantages do we offer?

  • Medical team and staff specialized in the treatment of spinal cord injury
  • Latest innovations and equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal cord injury
  • Accommodation and Residential Centre, adapted to your needs, 24 hours a day

We adapt to you

Further information about how we can help you, tell us your case.

Intensive rehabilitation

Reeducación de la marcha
Intensive treatment aimed at recovering and maintaining your mobility, encouraging autonomy and promoting independence. See treatment

Rehabilitation with exoskeleton

Treatment focused on gait training through a state-of-the-art technique-technology: the exoskeleton. See treatment

Treatment of pressure ulcers

Reeducación de la marcha
Treatment of pressure ulcers with specialised doctor/nursing cures and/or shock waves. See treatment

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