How does it work?

  • Individualised, patient-tailored treatment through home-based physiotherapy and occupational therapy:
    • Trunk Balance and Postural Control.
    • Gait Training.
    • Treatment of secondary injuries.
    • Muscle strengthening and maintenance exercises.
    • Training in daily living activities and functional activities.
  • Virtual Reality Treatment and Rehabilitation through Gamification (as allowed by the possibilities offered by the house)
  • Counselling for:
    • Accessing the house and the building
    • Assessing the surroundings
    • Help, assistance, support and positioning systems
  • Manufacturing and delivery of tailor-made supports made of PLA (poly-lactic acid), FOAM or thermoplastic.


Sessions’ duration will vary depending on the needs of each individual

Aimed at

  • Users with pressure ulcers or other medical conditions that require absolute rest at home.
  • Users facing architectural barriers that prevent their access to the house.
  • Other users under special circumstances, after undergoing assessment by the FLM and once excluded other possibilities.


Inability to attend the Rehabilitation Centre at the FLM to undergo the treatments in the Rehabilitation Area (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.)

Benefits of the Rehabilitation Treatment at Home:

  • Getting the undivided, individualised attention of the FLM professionals at your own house.
  • Specialised planning and assessment by a specialist.
  • Individualised, patient-tailored care and treatment through physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • It allows to continue your temporarily recessed treatment.
  • Focused on specialised neurorehabilitation and training in daily living activities.
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