A building 100% adapted both in common and private areas, designed to meet the needs of people affected by SCI.

We help you improve and preserve your physical condition, favouring your autonomy and independence and offering you training to access the working world.

What advantages do we offer you?

  • Residence equipped with home automation to favour your independence
  • 24-hour care provided by a team specialized in the treatment of SCI
  • Leisure and entertainment activities suitable for all tastes
FLM renews and incorporates those technical advances more useful for the autonomy and the control of the residents. Some of the incorporated systems are:
  • Sequential remote controls, through which you can open doors, turn on lights, open and close shutters, etc.
  • The DECTS call control system, for a fast and efficient assistance in case of a call
  • The system of fall control and detection
The residence has 60 rooms, 14 of which are double rooms. The rest of them are individual. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary things for a comfortable stay: wardrobe, bedside table, TV, ensuite bathroom, desk and air conditioning and heating with independent thermostat. For a better care, single-use mono dose sponges, shower chairs, sheets, towels and individual shower seats are provided. Rooms are automated; a greater independence of the resident is achieved through a control that can be adapted to the mobility of the person. With this control, they can call the nursing station and have power over the room lights, the TV and the stereo, among others. We have some overhead lifts, the latest technology to facilitate the user management.
The dining room is an open space, which is divided into two parts by a mobile panel that allows to adapt the space according to the needs. Besides being a dining room, all kinds of activities are held in this place. It has a self-service line with a refrigerated display case and tables adapted to the different characteristics of the people living and working in the residential centre.
Between the two buildings –Residential Centre and Rehabilitation Centre-, there is a wide terrace with tables where you can have a meal or some drinks. This patio has shaded areas, automatic sunshades and a porched area communicating it with the dining room and the cafeteria. It is a meeting place, where it is possible to socialise both with the people living in the residence and with family and friends. Likewise, this place is where the Socio-cultural Entertainment Department and the Workshops organise events like “Feria de Abril” (April Fair), “Barbecues”, “Halloween”, ” Arts Day” and many other activities.

TV Lounges

The residential centre has two TV lounges, one on the first floor and the other on the second floor. In these rooms, residents meet each other or their visitors to watch TV or to spend some time together. Televisions are equipped with Canal+.

Multi-purpose rooms

A wide space where meetings, lectures and sports and entertainment activities are held.


The cafeteria is a place open to the public which is shared by residents, FLM workers, users and the general public. Families can eat with the residents in the cafeteria when they come to visit.

Nursing care

The nursing department counts on seven professionals with extensive work experience specialised in people with spinal cord injury. Young and dynamic.

Servicios de enfermería
A customised service is offered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Promoting the independence and the self-management of care to be done by users themselves. Making up for those things that you are not able to perform by yourself.
  • Intermittent bladder catheterization.
  • Insertion and replacement of permanent urinary catheters.
  • Bowel evacuations, adapted to different routines.
  • Skin cleaning and moisturizing.
  • Pressures management.
  • Cure of pressure ulcers and/or wounds.
  • Postural changes.
    • Stoma maintenance.
    • Secretion aspiration.
    • Therapy with Cough Assist.
    • Administration of nebulizations.
      • Blood pressure
      • Oxygen Saturation.
      • Temperature
      • Heart rate
        • Non-invasive mechanical ventilations
        • Tracheotomised
        • Control and monitoring of the patient’s clinical process

Other Tasks

          • Administration of oral, rectal, subcutaneous and intramuscular treatments.
          • Post-surgery follow-ups.
Collaboration with different external companies for a correct clinical monitoring of the patient. Home respiratory therapies and hospitalization, as well as our reference healthcare centre. We work from a holistic point of view in order to achieve a human development within the three core ideas, biopsychosocial. Promoting autonomy and health self-management. Looking after the education for health of the users or the main caregiver.

“Observation tells how the patient is; reflection tells what is to be done; training tells how it is to be done. Training and experience are, of course, necessary to teach us, too, how to observe, what to observe; how to think, what to think.” Florence Nightingale


There is a group of professionals in the assistance area who is responsible to provide direct attention to the daily life needs of residents.

About 60 assistants totally, almost one per resident, which even exceeds the guidelines set by the Administration, in order to guarantee a high-quality service. Our assistants work day, night, weekend and holidays shifts to address the needs of residents anytime.
  • Accommodation and allowance.
  • Personalized assistance in hygiene and grooming provided by nursing assistants.
  • Nursing care.
  • Medical, psychological and social assistance.
  • Clinical follow-up and treatments according to each case.
  • Daily cleaning of rooms.
  • Washing and care of personal clothes.
  • Information and technical guidance.
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