How does it work?

  • Treatment of pressure ulcers with specialised doctor/nursing cures and/or shock waves.
  • Screening and assessment with state-of-the-art specialised devices (pressure mapping mat.)
  • Advice and assessment regarding preventive adaptations.
  • Treatment with specialised devices such as shock wave devices.


The number of sessions and duration of the treatment shall vary depending on the stage and surface area of the pressure ulcer

Aimed at

People with SCI who suffer from pressure ulcers that require treatment.


The treatment may vary depending on the stage of the ulcer and the affected surface area; it is strictly required to undergo prior assessment by the Rehabilitation Doctor before starting this treatment.

Benefits of shock wave treatment of pressure ulcers:

  • It allows an acceleration in healing and closing ulcers
  • Our staff are specialised in making drainage, sanitation and local cures
  • Innovative, non-invasive treatment with shock waves
  • Painless treatment for difficult-to-heal ulcers
  • Health advice and training throughout the entire process
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