Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the starting point when integrating the person into the required services of FLM.

How can we help you?

The main goal is the assessment of the current status of the person with SCI and his/her therapeutic possibilities, including (among others):

  • Evaluation of functions: setting therapies to achieve the recovery of the highest level of functions that is possible.
  • Evaluation of the neurogenic bladder, providing advice and prevention of complications.
  • Examination, treatment and training in evacuation patterns and alterations of the digestive system.
  • Assessment, advice and prescription of treatments to heal pressure ulcers.
  • Evaluation, treatment and monitoring of neuropathic pain.
  • Examination, monitoring and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders derived from SCI.
  • Prescription of orthoprosthetic aids, accessibility and assistance

Directed towards

People with spinal cord injury in a chronic phase who need care, evaluation, consultation or assessment to carry out a rehabilitation treatment or other activities.


This consultation is available for people with spinal cord injury by making an appointment in advance, regardless their affiliation to FLM or ASPAYM Madrid.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of neuro-urology, our team is qualified to meet all your needs related to complications, treatments and bladder management and the corresponding supporting products.

Natacha Leon

Director of Medical Care Management
Doctor specialised in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Expert in Neuro-rehabilitation

Ivanna Lamas

Doctor specialised in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

You can rely on our medical team

  •   High level of specialisation and large experience in spinal cord injury
  •   Specialised treatments, the only ones of their kind in Spain, without waiting lists
  •   Multidisciplinary team specialising in all aspects of spinal cord injury: neuro-urology, sexuality and reproduction, specialised nursing, neurorehabilitation, neuropsychology
  •   International recognition from associations and medical congresses
  •   Continuing education and interaction to learn about new treatments and skills (ISCoS, SEP, ASELME and other national and/or international entities)
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